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All About Lakefront Homes

All About Lakefront Homes

Ah, lakefront homes. The mere phrase draws up images of delightful vacations, long summer days spent lazing by the lakefront, swimming in the lake, the smell of trees and wood smoke, a relaxing, idyllic time. And perhaps this image continues in your mind to encompass the lakefront home itself, a charming, rustic cottage, with simple furnishings within and an unassuming appearance on the outside. On the other end of your mental image scale might be thoughts of the lakefront mansions that were built around the turn of the previous century in many parts of the country. These were lakefront homes built as summer houses for wealthy city dwellers, and they were majestic and expensively outfitted.

Those images of waterfront property may well represent many people's ideas of contemporary lakefront homes, but the current reality couldn't be farther from the truth. While today some of both mansions and cottages are being built, there is a definite trend toward a middle ground-large upscale lakefront homes that you might mistake for a primary residence. Sometimes these lakefront homes are designed to be a primary residence, but more often they are meant to be vacation houses.

Like most vacation homes, lakefront homes nowadays are being designed with the needs of the multi-generation family in mind. Your grown children may desire a spot to vacation with the grandchildren, even when you aren't there, or perhaps you want to be able to host multiple family members and friends at the same time. And don't forget holidays-most families gather as many family members as possible to the same place for such holidays as Christmas and Easter. A lakefront home is a perfect place to celebrate these traditions.

These kinds of needs mean that lakefront homeowners require space-more space than those old waterfront cottages could offer. Also, lakefront property has a high value, and people are building upscale homes to match those higher values. Homeowners ask, why erect a tiny cottage on an expensive piece of waterfront property? It doesn't make sound economic sense.

Even if they can't build as big a lakefront home as they might want to, homeowners are opting for the absolute best they can afford. The lakefront cottage of today is a far cry from the lakefront cabin of yesterday. In the old days, cottages were apt to be dark and cramped, with few modern appliances and amenities, and unfinished attics. Nowadays, waterfront properties are being built with all the conveniences of a primary residence and then some. Every room is finished and many are outfitted with bunk beds in order to accommodate visitors.

One thing, though, that the larger lakefront homes have in common with their cottage-type predecessors is a casual interior. All the modern amenities and conveniences are present, but they are presented in a casual, artful way befitting the lakefront lifestyle. Today's lakefront homeowners want upscale style and elegance, but they want it in a casual way, with easy upkeep. After all, the goal of owning waterfront property is to be able to enjoy the benefits of living on a lake, not to have to spend all your time cleaning and fixing up the house.

If you've always dreamed of owning a lakefront home, now is an excellent time to start looking. You'll be thrilled with all of the options you'll find in the market for waterfront property.


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